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our burger confidential

this is the workhorse of my kitchen. the epitome of comfort foods...unless, of course, your vegan, then you'd have to go with a 'pow pow' but that's for another time. it's served one way and one way only, rare to mid-rare. if you need an explanation, here are the why's: i use two cuts that are ground daily in-house and offer rich beefy flavour and they're on the leaner side. if it was cooked through, the outside crust would turn nasty and bitter from the intense heat and, because we don't add extra fat in the blend, the burger would totally dry out. simple enough right?!? it's topped with an herbed crème cheese, sunflower sprouts to trick you into thinking it may actually be a 'health food' and then the best commercially bottled sauce you can find, 'pickapeppa.' (i tried to emulate it in the past but i couldn't even come close)

yeah, there's a little more to it but you get the idea. trust me there's nothing sexier than perfection!


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